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What is the composition of air?

  1. 21% nitrogen, 78% oxygen, 1% other gases
  2. 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% other gases
  3. 78% nitrogen, 1% oxygen, 21% other gases
  4. 1% nitrogen, 78% oxygen, 21% other gases
Answer: b

In what layer of atmosphere is the ozone layer?

  1. Troposphere
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Mesosphere
  4. Thermosphere
Answer: b

How does air temperature within the troposphere?

  1. Virtually unchanged
  2. Increases by 0,6 ° for every 100 m rise up
  3. Increases by 1 degree for every 100 m rise up
  4. Reduced to 0,6 ° for every 100 m rise up
Answer: d

When overnight temperature is the lowest?

  1. Immediately after sunset
  2. At midnight
  3. Before sunrise
Answer: c

What is the typical wind direction breeze?

  1. Clock from the sea to dry land
  2. Clock from land to sea
  3. During the day - from the sea on land at night - on the contrary
  4. Day - from the sea on dry ground in the afternoon - on the contrary
Answer: c

What is called the saturated air?

  1. In a couple starts to condense on cold objects
  2. Containing the maximum possible for the given temperature of water vapor
  3. In a rare start to be formed Air
  4. In a solid start to be formed Air
Answer: b

Why on the shores of Scandinavia grow mixed forests, while in Greenland at the same latitude - bahatokilometrova ice thickness?

  1. Cold Labradorska flow cools the climate of Greenland
  2. Warm North Atlantic current air warms the coast of Scandinavia
  3. Greenland is closer to the North Magnetic Pole
  4. Greenland is larger than the area of Scandinavia
Answer: b

As called climate with cold winters, hot summers and relatively little rain?

  1. Sea
  2. Moderate
  3. Continental
  4. Tropical
Answer: c

What type of climate is typical for most of the territory of Ukraine?

  1. Sharp continental
  2. Moderately continental
  3. Continental
  4. Sea
Answer: b

What metrics are the basic characteristics of weather?

  1. Temperature, atmospheric pressure
  2. Transparency and clean air
  3. Speed, strength and direction of wind
  4. Humidity, cloudiness and precipitation
Answer: a, c, d

Which of the factors is decisive in shaping the climate of a certain area?

  1. Geographic areas
  2. Geographic areas
  3. Moving air masses
  4. Character pidstelyayuchoyi surface
Answer: b, c, d

What is the impact on the climate of coastal cold currents?

  1. Contribute to the formation of deserts
  2. Help the excessive moisture of the coastal areas
  3. Practically have no influence
  4. Causes moderate precipitation during the year
Answer: a