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Course of socio-economic geography of the world, grade 10

Physical map of the world (compendium)
Political Map of the World (compendium)
State Structure (compendium)
The level of social and economic development of countries (compendium)
International Organizations (compendium)
Placement of the population (compendium)
Urbanization. Natural population growth (compendium)
External migration (compendium)
Life. The sex composition of (compendium)
Religions (compendium)
Peoples (compendium)
Employment in agriculture, forestry, fishery and industrial sectors of the economy (compendium)
Employment in service sectors of the economy. Unemployment (compendium)
Minerals (compendium)
Fuel and geothermal resources (compendium)
Resources Oceans (compendium)
Land (compendium)
Water (compendium)
Biological Resources (compendium)
Agroclimatic resources. Types of winter (compendium)
Recreational Resources. Tourism. World tourism destinations (compendium)
Oil and gas (compendium)
Coal and nuclear industry (compendium)
Power (compendium)
Steel (compendium)
Ferrous metallurgy (compendium)
Mechanical engineering and metal (compendium)
Chemicals (compendium)
Textile (compendium)
Agriculture (compendium)
Cereals. Livestock (compendium)
Technical (sugary, root vegetables, tonic, oil and fiber) culture (compendium)
Transportation. The network of international communication (compendium)
International economic relations (compendium)
Political tensions (compendium)
Caloric intake. Health (compendium)
Environmental issues (compendium)
Nature (compendium)
Emissions of carbon dioxide. Illiteracy (compendium)
Education and science (compendium)
Countries Europe (compendium)
United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg (compendium)
Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania (compendium)
Countries Asia (compendium)
China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea (compendium)
India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan. Japan (compendium)
Canada, United States of America (compendium)
Latin America (compendium)
Africa (compendium)
Australia and Oceania (compendium)
Image film - a film first
Image film - the second film
Image film - the third film
Image film - the fourth movie
QUESTIONS: Political structure of the world
QUESTIONS: Geography Population
QUESTIONS: Geography of Natural Resources
QUESTIONS: World Economy
QUESTIONS: The global problems of mankind
QUESTIONS: Countries of Europe
QUESTIONS: Countries Asia
QUESTIONS: Countries in Africa, Australia and Oceania