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Introduction (compendium)


The need for knowledge about the world is a determining factor in the development of mankind. Accumulated knowledge prymnozhuvalys and passed from generation to generation, raising civilization at a higher level of development.

Information about the secrets of the world brought by travelers, warriors, merchants, scientists have been generalized, and thus was born the science Geography (from Greek - "earth description"). This term was first proposed by ancient Greek scholar Eratosthenes.

Knowledge of the planet required considerable courage. Many expeditions have ended tragically (travelers died from starvation, exhaustion, disease and unknown in skirmishes with the natives). And thanks to the heroism of these people are now on a map or almost non-existent "white" spots. However, this does not mean that geography has exhausted itself as a science.

Recently, significantly disrupted the natural equilibrium of the world: some species are disappearing animals and plants, destroyed forests, there are deserts, polluted water basin, distorted landscapes. Therefore the main task of geography today is predicting the consequences of human activity, prevent adverse human impact on the surrounding world.

Man is an integral part of our planet, so learn to live in harmony with the outside world - is a challenge, literally, depends on the fate of human civilization. That's why we really need deep knowledge about the planet.

Dear friends! In general geography course we will learn about the history of geographical knowledge of the Earth, the structure of our planet, especially its nature and much more, without which no modern person can do.