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⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття


Which answers are correct?

  1. Ukraine is in the third time zone
  2. The countdown is on 180 th meridian
  3. Midday in Ukraine comes two hours earlier than zero (Western European) time zone
Answer: b, c

Which answer is wrong?

  1. In view of the geometric surface cartographic projection divided into cylindrical, azimuthal, conical
  2. In thematic maps are geographical and economic maps
  3. Using equal projection, you can create maps without distortion
Answer: c

First time the name "Ukraine" is mentioned:

  1. Chronicle in Kiev (1187)
  2. G. Boplana in the book "Description of Ukraine" (1650)
  3. in descriptions of Byzantine and Arab travelers X century.
Answer: a

The author of "Description of Ukraine are:

  1. Hippocrates
  2. G. Boplan
  3. Herodotus
Answer: b

Pre geographical center of Ukraine is:

  1. Svitlovodsk in Kirovograd region
  2. near the village. Marianivka Cherkasy region
  3. Cherkasy region near m.Chyhyryn
Answer: b

The southern point of Ukraine are:

  1. of Sarich
  2. City Tarkhankut
  3. City Meganom
Answer: a

Which statements are correct?

  1. Area of Ukraine is 603,7 thousand sq. km. km
  2. Ukraine borders with seven countries
  3. The territory of Ukraine is washed by three seas
Answer: a, b

Which of these countries not bordering Ukraine?

  1. Slovakia
  2. From Bulgaria
  3. From Slovenia
Answer: b, c

In what year was completed forming the territory of Ukraine?

  1. In 1922
  2. In 1954
  3. In 1991
Answer: b

What territories were included in the Ukraine in World War II?

  1. Northern Bukovina
  2. South Bessarabia
  3. Transcarpathia
  4. Crimean Region
Answer: c, d

Member of these institutions, which is Ukraine?

  1. OPEC
  2. Commonwealth of Independent States
  3. International Monetary Fund
  4. World Trade Organization
Answer: b, c, d

Which answer is correct?

  1. Elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are held once every five years
  2. Presidential elections in Ukraine are held every four years
  3. Ukraine's Parliament consists of 450 members
Answer: c

Vstanovist correspondence between geographic objects and their characteristics

  1. s.Mar 'Yanivka -
  2. Cape Sarich -
  3. s.Hrem ball
  4. s.Chervona Star
  1. extreme southern point of Ukraine
  2. geographical center of Ukraine
  3. extreme northern point of Ukraine
  4. extreme point of western Ukraine
  5. extreme eastern point of Ukraine
Answer: 1 - b, 2 - a, 3 - c, 4 - e

Set correspondence between the years and events in the history of Ukraine

  1. 1919 -
  2. 1991 -
  3. 1954 -
  4. 1187 -
  1. independence
  2. completion of the territory
  3. proclamation of the Act of Unification
  4. adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty
  5. first coined the name "Ukraine"
Answer: 1 - c, 2 - a, 3 - b, 4 - e