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QUESTIONS: West-Ukrainian lands under the authority of foreign states

Subcarpathian Rus' - is the official name of the 20-30's

  1. Northern Bukovina
  2. Eastern Galicia
  3. Transcarpathia
Answer: c

Ukrainian cooperative movement was the most diversified

  1. Eastern Galicia
  2. Transcarpathia
  3. Northern Bukovina
  4. Volyn
Answer: a

Where concentration camp was located for the Ukrainian political prisoners, established by Polish authorities?

  1. Birch-Kartuzskaya
  2. Sobibor
  3. Yavoriv
Answer: a

In what year was set OUN?

  1. 1925
  2. 1927
  3. 1929
Answer: c

Who was the first leader of the OUN?

  1. A. Miller
  2. Bandera
  3. E. Konovalets
Answer: a

What Ukrainian lands Ukrainian movement enjoyed the biggest impact?

  1. Eastern Galicia
  2. Transcarpathia
  3. Northern Bukovina
  4. Volin
Answer: a

The army was called Carpatho-Ukraine

  1. Ukrainian Insurgent Army
  2. Carpathian January
  3. Ukrainian Sich Riflemen
Answer: b

Which of the ideological currents that was circulated in Transcarpathia in the 20-30's, used the most influence?

  1. Rusyn
  2. Ukrainophils
  3. Russophile
Answer: a

What political forces were organized Tatarbunar rebellion?

  1. pro
  2. liberal democratic
  3. nationalist
Answer: a

The most numerous Ukrainian political parties in Galicia 20-30-years was

  1. CPWU
  2. UNDO
  3. OUN
  4. MSzMP
Answer: b

What are the Ukrainian lands had become the cradle of the Polish-Ukrainian agreement?

  1. Galicia
  2. Volin
  3. Pokuttia
Answer: b

What kind of international agreement to affirm the occurrence of forests to the CHSR?

  1. Saint-Germain
  2. Versailles
  3. Riga
Answer: a