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Introduction (compendium)

Dear pyatiklassnikov!

you began to study history. Found that the science of human history. And learned that explore the past to help many other sciences related to history: chronology, archeology, paleo-graph, toponymy, etc. etnonimika. Getting them to convert the lessons of history are filled with adventure travel. And not to stray into traveling astray, you have to navigate in space. Because each event occurred not only at certain times, but in some months-these. Teach you skills are not in the historic area rozhublyuvatysya historical maps.

Historical maps created based on geography, with which you had to work on the lessons of natural sciences. However, historical maps significantly differ ing to them. Notice the difference, particularly in the use of colors. Working with historical maps, keep this in mind. In fact, if on a map or color indicates the height of terrain above sea level (green - lowlands, Brown - mountains) on the historical territory of the color mark, moving people etc.. In addition, images of historical maps indicate the events in time. For example, with maps, you can learn how to grow the territory of the state imple-Company fulfilled a time where the troops were moving when and where a battle, when the city was destroyed and when the assailants and others.

You see how much you can learn from historical maps! However, their secrets, historical map reveals only one who knows her "read" that is, decipher and interpret. To do this, first you need to carefully examine, symbols and explanation to the map located in the lower right corner.

Historical maps are and wall board. Several common themes desktop cards, united in the collection, called Atlas. There are also so-called contour maps, which you fill yourself. This atlas, which you have started, and key map help you to study history. Hopefully this lesson will be for you an interesting and very exciting.