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Formation of Galicia and Volyn State

Plan presentation

  1. Home reigning sovereign.
  2. Highlights from the history of Galician principality.
  3. Political Life Volyn.
  4. Formation of Galicia-Volyn principality. Roman Mstyslavych.
  5. state of Galicia-Volyn principality after the death of Roman Mstyslavych.
  6. first steps princely sons Roman Mstyslavych career.
  7. struggle for the reunification of Daniel of Galicia-Volyn principality.


1153-1187 he

ruling of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Osmomysl in Galician land


Formation of Galicia-Volyn state

1199-1205 he

reign of Roman Mstyslavych


affirm Daniel Romanovich in Galich


Jaroslav Osmomysl (1130-10.01.1187) - The Galician prince (1153-1187 biennium). Son Volodymyrka Volodarovycha. During his reign Yaroslav V. earned a name Osmomysl - Prince wise and eloquent, and honorable in all land troops and glorious, as the chronicler wrote. This poetic passage gives an idea of large territories Galician Principality, its military power, and most importantly - a very great authority on the Galician prince, and influencing the policy of Rus lands, and European neighbors. As to the events described in the "Word ...», then Jaroslav had to do with them schonayblyzhchyy as Igor of Chernigov - author unsuccessful raid Polovtsian - dovodyvsya Yaroslav's son in law. Famous Yaroslavna that vymolyuvala in Putivl on the shaft at the gate Igor happy for the campaign - it Osmomyslova daughter. The mention of Yaroslav Galician in ancient poem was for researchnykiv kind of work a key that allowed more or less precisely dated to work because the author has sought to Osmomysl how to live, and this prince died in 1187

main presentation

1. Home reigning sovereign

    The formation of land-
  • principalities of the Western territory was gradually.
  • the one hand, his circumstances have shaped the development of Galician pretty good and Volyn territories yet to princely times, on the other - and the role it played as Galicia and Volhynia western border ownership of Kiev princes.
  • Volyn owes its name to the ancient tribe centers Volyn. , however, is not it destined to become a capital city in Volyn.
  • Such fame earned
  • Vladimir - bridge, built by Prince Vladimir I of Chernigov to mark the accession of Volyn lands to Kyiv.
  • In the next century Volhynia remained the possession of Kiev princes, and became hereditary otchynu only grandson Vladimir Monomakh - Izyaslav Mstyslavych.
  • Thus, the individual indexes was formed there in the mid 12 century.
  • Then Volyn plunged into internal internecine strife, resulting split into several Shares.
  • Galicia territory since the beginning of its accession to the Kievan Rus was marked by greater independence from Kyiv.
  • Name
  • Galician land so transparently linked to city Halych - old center, that the mid-12 century. became a capital city in the principality.
  • The founders of the Galician dynasty rulers were Rostyslavychi - the descendants of a grandson of Yaroslav the Wise.
  • Knyazyuyuchy, they had to take account of the extremely influential Galician boyars.
  • In Galicia
  • Boyars formed mostly from local rodopleminnoyi top, getting his estates not of the prince, and misappropriation of public lands, and it was independent of the princes.
  • This fact significantly influenced the political life of the Galician principality.

2. Highlights from the history of Galician principality

  • first ruler Rostislav Galician land had three sons - Rurik , Master and Vasylko , who were in possession under Przemysl , Zvenigorod and Terebovlya .
  • Brothers have made great efforts in order to secure the right otchyny the Galician land.
  • Difficulty
  • situation because their father was deprived, left out Prince.
  • Three
  • Yaroslavychi - Izyaslav, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod not considered his peers and forced into exile.
  • In such circumstances
  • Rostyslavycham had to fight against his relatives.
  • victim of internecine fighting since Lyubetskii Congress princes became as you remember Powered Terebovlia.
  • And although a price, Rostyslavychi still won the right to Galicia.
  • However, for the time being redistributed land remained for a few Shares: Peremyshlskaya, Galician, Terebovlia and zvenigorodka.
  • Combine ground
  • Galicia was under the sole authority to doable son Master Volodymyrkovi.
  • Year 1141 he moved his residence to Galic, confirming its intention to rule solely in the United Galician Principality.
  • yet more successful, but far been difficult reign son Volodymyrka Volodarevycha - Yaroslav.
  • Among the main achievements of Jaroslav Osmomysl scientists call
    • extending the Galician principality until the mouth of the Dniester,
    • judiciously pragmatic foreign policy: friendly relations with Hungary, Poland and Byzantium, on the one hand,
    • Rus princes and influential - on the other, which ensured peace Galician land and promoted the development of the economy.
    The biggest hassle
  • Galician prince remained own boyars.
  • unshakable will of Galician boyars he first felt, having just won the Galician table. Then in 1153, boyars, uncertain political calculations in the young prince would not allow him to lead the Galician wife during a battle against troops of the Grand Prince.
  • And no matter how offensive to the prince-warrior was expulsion from the battle, it is threatened less trouble than, 1159
  • this occasion of Galician boyars decided to change the prince, inviting Galic Yaroslav cousin John Berladnyka - Prince without possessions, which for many years struggled in vain for its share in princely heritage.
  • However
  • Jaroslav happily came out of this situation, the government Galician prince rose and seemed in no way is no longer dependent on the whims of boyars.
  • But when the year 1170 boyars intervene in private life Yaroslav found that to overcome tyranny of the boyars in the Galician principality he had failed.

Galicia, according to the researchers, was marked by a peculiar political structure. It is considered a model of oligarchic rule.

  • Actually, this explains that after the death of Yaroslav Osmomysl Galicia again plunged into a whirlwind of intestine wars and discord - especially violent after the death of Yaroslav the son of Vladimir (1199).
  • Vladimir Yaroslavych dynasty was the last representative of the Galician Rostyslavychiv table.

3. Political life Volyn

  • late 12 century. Volin was redistributed among the descendants Izyaslav Mstyslavych - the founder of the dynasty Volynian princes, several Shares.
  • Alabama considered the most honored and Lutsk land.
  • Beside them autonomous rulers in some years had Belz, June, Brest, Peresopnytsya Dorohychyn.
  • However
  • intestine wars did not last long.
  • land put them son Mstislav II of Kiev Roman .
  • He came to Volhynia, just got the news about his father's death.
  • As senior of the brothers took Vladimir table, step by step began to integrating policy.
  • Unfortunately, very few sources you aware of the activities of Roman Mstyslavych.
  • From the evidence of his foreign
  • learn that this prince has been active in the fight antypolovetskiy.
  • actively was his policy and in the west, including the tribes Yatvyags.
  • had a close relationship with Poland and Byzantium.

on huge state-Roman experience with exclusion and the fact that he took advantage of the blazing death Galician Prince Vladimir in 1199 and annexed Galicia to his domains.

4. Formation of Galicia-Volyn principality

  • So, from the year 1199 started a new chapter in the life of Volyn prince - in memory of posterity Autocrat of all Russia, but in Ukrainian lands. For those researchers indicate the birth year Galicia-Volyn state .
  • capital of a united Roman principality chose Galich , considering the most important task to overcome the resistance of the Galician boyars.
  • Roman Mstyslavych the plans also had to spread power to other Ukrainian lands.
  • Year 1202 was his clash with Kiev by Prince Rurik Rostyslavychem, which resulted in Kiev resigned last table.
  • Without going very knyazhyty in Kiev, Roman planted there, under the assumption of some researchers, a close Igor Yaroslavych, in the opinion of others - your governor.
  • However, the real ruler of Kiev and his subordinate Pereyaslavl principality was the Galician-Volyn prince.
  • Tu
  • his authority confirmed by numerous expeditions against the Polovtsian organized to protect Pereyaslav and Kyiv.
  • Among the reasons which called for Roman Galic, researchers have named not only the uncertainty in the Galician boyars Prince.
  • Many
  • weighed for Roman Mstyslavych participation in European events. So he took an active part in the internecine struggle of Polish dukes and in 1205 was involved, presumably historians and the contrast between the German Hohenstaufen dynasty and Velfiv.
  • With a commitment to
  • Hohenstaufen, the Galician-Volyn owner went to the march through Poland Saxony.
  • But his former allies prevented progress - Polish princes Leshko White and Conrad. In the Battle of Vistula Zavyhostom on June 19, 1205 Roman died.

Create Galicia-Volyn principality headed by the "autocrat of all Russia" Roman I of Kiev was an important milestone in the history of Ukrainian statehood, because unlike the Kiev multiethnic state of Galicia-Volyn Ukrainian based on a single basis. This gave grounds Ukrainian historians called Roman "creator of the first national Ukrainian state that as a separate political body existed until the late 14 century.

5. The situation in Galicia-Volyn principality after the death of Roman Mstyslavych

  • Roman Mstyslavych complicated internal situation of Galicia-Volyn principality.
  • Prynyshkli boyars to quickly recovered and took up the case.
  • First, they
  • spekalysya Anna Romanova wife and small children, four Daniel and two Vasylko, forcing them to exile.
  • princes Galician boyars sought Jaroslav Osmomysl grandchildren, his sons and daughters Yaroslavna Prince Igor Seversky Svyatoslavich.
  • Year 1206 I. divided the Galician land, intending to lay their hands still and Volyn.
  • Above
  • Princess Anna and Daniel, and basil, which took refuge in Vladimir, faces mortal danger.
  • To escape, the prince went to Poland.
  • also got involved in the political game Hungarian king: he promised to support Anne as a sign of what was taken to a small Daniel.
  • However
  • intervention of strangers in the Galician-Volyn case only complicated internal situation: soon discovered that the Polish and Hungarian kings have their own territorial interests and not going to take care of restoring peace in the Galicia-Volyn principality.
  • So strife did not abate, and from 1208 became more stringent, because of the illusory unity of brothers and I. left no mention.
  • But no matter how contradictory interests were participants in the conflict, they had something in common - a reluctance to return to Galicia-Volyn principality Roman descendants. That it had to overcome and Danilo Vasil.

6. First steps princely sons career Mstyslavych Roman

  • legal rights to Romanovich began with formal consolidation Vasylko in Brest.
  • Not wanting to obey
  • Belz prince Berestiany appealed to the Polish king, which was under pryhystom Anna with her youngest son, he allowed to return to Kniazhychi Volyn.
  • soon returned home and Daniel, the truth of their will and under the devious plans of the Hungarian king.
  • Lord of Hungary took Galich, and to give the legitimacy of violence, said that the rule of the duchy Daniel. Kniazhychi then turned 10 years, so it came to the mother.
  • However
  • Galician boyars did not want to obey the authorities Romanova wife, so once again rushed rid widow of her son. This time Daniel went with her mother to Volyn. Eight years later he starts to collect his father's legacy.

7. The struggle for the reunification of Daniel of Galicia-Volyn principality

  • ally Daniel were also Vasylko brother, Volyn boyars influential commoners. Able to communicate with the young prince and the Novgorod prince Mstislav prosperous , whose reign was invited to rise against the oppression of the Hungarian Galicia.
  • Daniel
  • supported Mstislav troops in campaigns against the Hungarians.
  • But shortly before the death of Mstislav pochuvayuchys not particularly confident in Galicia, the city gave the Hungarians.
  • However, by the time Daniel with basil gathered under his power all the Volyn vidvoyuvavshy Polish king seized land have alliance agreements with Lithuania, the Polish prince.
  • Only
  • in 1238 Senior finally mastered R. Galic.
  • Among the events of those years, drew attention during the battle Dorohychyn , which took place that does 1238
  • Then
  • their victory put an end to attack Daniel German Teutonic Knights at Western.
  • Aspiring
  • acquire all his father's legacy, and Daniel became established in Kyiv. However, its capital is moved to Kyiv, where the governor has left a valiant warrior, boyar Dmitry.

So, late 30's 13 centuries. Roman sons Daniel and his father Powered restored state.

  • a junior remained in Volhynia, in all important for maintaining Daniel.
  • Senior
  • R. capital of Galicia-Volyn principality moved to the newly laid Hill City.