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QUESTIONS: Kiev State for first princes

Who Kiev princes, for the chronicle, died as a result of collusion with the sword Varangian warriors, led by Oleg?

  1. Askold
  2. Games
Answer: a

When seized power in Kiev, Oleg?

  1. In 882, the
  2. In 945, the
Answer: a

What impact had to hike Askold Byzantine Empire?

  1. A powerful shot Ruthenian fleet forced Byzantium to recognize Russia as a state
  2. Ruses fleet was destroyed by the so-called Greek fire
Answer: a

How many years, according to chroniclers, reigned in Kiev, Oleg?

  1. 5 years
  2. 1930
Answer: b

Who was the first of the princes of Kiev Rurik dynasty table?

  1. Prince Askold
  2. Prince Igor
Answer: b

Clashes with the tribal eastern alliance which Prince Igor began his reign in which the opposition found its death?

  1. Polyansky
  2. Derevlyanskym
Answer: b

Who Kiev princes to victory sign nailed his shield on the Golden Gate Byzantine capital?

  1. Prince Oleg
  2. Prince Igor
Answer: a

How to call the armed forces, which were the regular troops of Prince and his apparatus of power?

  1. Veche
  2. Wife
Answer: b

For what event Historians first attempt to bring events of princely power of Christianity in the land of the Rus?

  1. From the campaign of Prince Askold to Byzantium 860
  2. From the campaign of Prince Igor of Byzantium, the 912
Answer: a

Land East of tribal alliances which was attached to the Kievan state for Oleg?

  1. To Slovenia, Krivichi, Radymychi
  2. Siveryany Polyan Derevlyany
Answer: a

What are the nomads had to fight for 9 Rus - early 10 th century.?

  1. Khazars, Magyars, Pechenegs
  2. Huns, Avars, Bulgars
Answer: a

Which of these cities already existed in Ukraine during the reign of Igor?

  1. Novgorod, Rostov, Polotsk, Ladoga, Moore, Pskov
  2. Ljubech, Chernigov, Pereyaslav, Vyshgorod Iskorosten, Galich
Answer: b