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QUESTIONS: Kiev during the state of Prince Volodymyr the Great

When Vladimir Svyatoslavovitch knyazyuvav in London?

  1. Over 945 - 964 years
  2. Over the years 980-1015
Answer: b

When in Kievan Rus was introduced Christianity as state religion?

  1. 980
  2. 988
Answer: b

What are the limits to the east and west as far Vladimir possession during most power?

  1. Dniester Basin, Western Bug, Neman, Western Dvina and Volga Rivers and Oka
  2. Peipus, Ladoga, Onega lakes, the Gulf of Finland and the Black Sea and Azov Sea region
Answer: a

Which town on the western border of Russia were annexed part of Kievan Rus by Prince Vladimir?

  1. Roden, Ljubech, Vasil Pereyaslav
  2. Przemysl, Volyn, June, Belz
Answer: b

How was the baptism of Kiev?

  1. Most Kiev with children came to the river and entered the water. In the presence of Vladimir priests dubbed them
  2. Originally was called Vladimir and all of his boyars, then Kiev
Answer: a

Which events, chronicle, preceded by the introduction of Christianity as state religion?

  1. Construction of Vladimir Church of God (Tithe) arrangements and laws
  2. Hike to the city of Vladimir Korsun Crimea and marriage to the Byzantine Princess Anna
Answer: b

What was the famous Church of God (Tithe), Vladimir built?

  1. Here was buried the first Christian Prince Askold
  2. That was the main and the first stone church of Kievan Rus
Answer: b

What were the consequences of the introduction of Christianity in Kievan state in domestic politics?

  1. Strengthening the authority of the Grand Prince, rallying around Kyiv riznopleminnyh areas
  2. Strengthening the position of priests and the spread of pagan cults
Answer: a

What famous Kyiv Division since Vladimir?

  1. Here was located the church and princely palaces, houses nayzamozhnih Kiev
  2. Here were located torhovysche Kyiv City and Harbor, and artisan houses of the people and merchants
Answer: b

Which countries supported Prince Vladimir relationship?

  1. From Byzantium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria
  2. From the Khazar khanate, Georgian kingdom, Volga Bulgaria
Answer: a

Which states susidyla Kievan Rus Prince Volodymyr back on its western borders?

  1. With Polish and Hungarian kingdoms
  2. With the Byzantine Empire and the Georgian kingdom
Answer: a

How is called the coin, engraved Vladimir?

  1. National currency
  2. Srebrenik and zlatnyk
Answer: b