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QUESTIONS: Formation of Galicia-Volhynia State

On which of the Galician author tells princes "The Tale of Igor"?

  1. Jaroslav Osmomysl
  2. Roman Mstyslavych
Answer: a

Which of the principalities consider a model of oligarchic rule in Russia?

  1. Volyn
  2. Galician
  3. Kiev
Answer: b

What city was the capital of Volyn in the second half of the 12 century.?

  1. Volin
  2. Vladimir
  3. Galich
Answer: b

When the times of the Galician prince who united the capital of Galician principality was Galich?

  1. In 1141, with the Volodymyrka Volodarevycha
  2. In the 1199 novel by Mstyslavych
Answer: a

Which states susidylo Galician principality in the west in the second half of the 12 century.?

  1. From Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish kingdom
  2. With Polish and Hungarian kingdoms
Answer: b

Which of these cities existed in Volyn in the second half of the 12 century.?

  1. Belz, June, Lutsk, Kremenets, Peresopnytsya
  2. Przemysl, Coloma, Zvenigorod, Terebovlya
Answer: a

When the association was Galician and Volyn principalities and movements of Galicia-Volyn state?

  1. In 1187
  2. In 1199
Answer: b

Prince of land which was Roman I of Kiev on the eve of the formation of Galicia-Volyn state?

  1. Volyn
  2. Galician
Answer: a

What was the political situation in Galicia-Volyn State immediately after the death of Roman Mstyslavych?

  1. Started internal wars and foreign intervention in the affairs of Galician and Volyn lands
  2. Era of prosperity began to reign State Daniel Romanovich and his brother Vasylko
Answer: a

What events preceded the establishment Daniel Romanovich Galich in 1238?

  1. Long struggle for the reunification of Galicia-Volyn principality after the establishment of Volyn
  2. Joining together with Kyiv Pereyaslav to Volyn
Answer: a

What city became the capital of Galicia-Volyn principality by Daniel Romanovich?

  1. Lviv
  2. Holm
  3. Vladimir
Answer: b

Through a land of Volyn pryrostala area for 12 centuries.?

  1. Kiev
  2. Polish
  3. Lithuania
  4. Galician
Answer: a