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QUESTIONS: Ukrainian lands under the rule of Lithuania and Poland at the end of XIV - in the first half of XVI century.

Which events led to the struggle of the Lithuanian nobility, led by Duke Vytautas to Save the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a separate independent state?

  1. Battle of Grunwald
  2. KREVO union
Answer: b

Which administrative unit divided Galician lands within the Kingdom of Poland from 1434?

  1. In Ruske and Belz Voivodship
  2. In Podolsk and Bratslav province
Answer: a

Reason for the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas sought to eliminate the largest separate principalities?

  1. For the establishment and strengthening of its authority
  2. To merge Grand Duchy of Lithuania with Poland
Answer: a

When Kiev separate principalities were finally abolished and converted to a province of the Great Duchy of Lithuania?

  1. In 1452
  2. In 1471
Answer: b

What ended the battle of Grunwald?

  1. Crusaders defeat the Teutonic Order
  2. Defeat the union of the Lithuanian-Polish army
Answer: a

What are the consequences for Ukrainian Horodelska union had in 1413?

  1. Low undesirable result: it particularly included the appointment to senior government positions only Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lithuanian Catholics
  2. Low positive impact, as provided for restoration of Kyiv and Volyn autonomous principalities
Answer: a

What caused the revolt of the Lithuanian-Ruthenian nobles led by Prince Svidrigaylo?

  1. Striving to restore Svydrygailo union with Poland and the abolition of the Lithuanian Grand Backgrounds
  2. Removal from the grand table Svydrygailo due to collusion of Lithuanian and Polish magnates led by Sigismund Keystutovychem
Answer: b

What are the land included in the Grand Duchy of Rus princes Svydrygailo?

  1. Galicia, western skirts, Bukovina
  2. Kiev region, Chernigov-Siverschyna, Volyn, Eastern Podolia, Smolensk, Polotsk land and Vitebschiny
Answer: b

What determined the fate of the uprising event Svydrygailo?

  1. Battle of Grunwald in 1410
  2. Vilkomyrska Battle 1435
Answer: b

He headed the Kyiv principality after his recovery in 1441?

  1. Olelko son Vladimir Olgerdovich
  2. Svydryhajlo Olgerdovich
Answer: a

In what years Olelkovychiv reign in Kiev principality?

  1. In 1441-1452 he
  2. In 1441-1471 he
Answer: b

Which of these cities were in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the mid XV century.?

  1. Troky, Slutsk, Novogrudok, Luck, Bratslav, Chernigov
  2. Kamenec, Lviv, Holm, Belz, Przemysl
Answer: a