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QUESTIONS: Social and political life of Ukrainian lands in the first half of the nineteenth century.

As the first Ukrainian newspaper called at Western?

  1. "Mermaid Dnistrova"
  2. "Dawn Galician"
  3. Delo
  4. "Ruses Cathedral
Answer: b

What year published the first edition collections of poetry Shevchenko Kobzar?

  1. 1836
  2. 1840
  3. 1848
  4. 1861
Answer: b

Do sapience? Masonic Lodge: 1) were distributed on the Ukrainian lands in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. 2) in the early nineteenth century. advocated the separation of Ukraine from Russia.

  1. Both are valid
  2. Only 1 correct option
  3. Only 2 are valid
  4. Both incorrect
Answer: b

Society Programme which envisages the creation of Ukrainian Decembrists, the Black Sea and Buzhskoy States with centers in Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev?

  1. Soyuz blahodenstviya "
  2. "Society of United Slavs"
  3. "Southern Company
  4. Northern Society
Answer: d

What document provided the Decembrists autonomous rights of Ukrainian lands?

  1. "Constitution" Muravyova
  2. "Russkaya Pravda"
  3. "Act of God"
  4. Green Paper
Answer: a

The organization was founded in 1846 and Kostomarov M. M. Gulak?

  1. "Society of United Slavs"
  2. Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood (company)
  3. "Ruska trinity"
  4. Brotherhood tarasivtsi
Answer: b

"I Rusin was, ECM and I will. I was born Rusin, chestnыy my rod did not forget his ostanus sыnom ...". Who is the author of this poem, which later became the anthem of the Transcarpathian Rusyns?

  1. O. Dukhnovych
  2. A. Dobriansky
  3. M. Shashkevych
  4. V. Podolynsky
Answer: a

What impact has "spring of nations" for the Western lands?

  1. Transcarpathia, Galicia and Bukovina gained autonomy
  2. All Ukrainian lands within the Austrian Empire were united into one administrative unit
  3. In Western Ukraine was abolished serfdom
  4. Formed the first Ukrainian political parties
Answer: c

In what year was armed Decembrists speech in Ukraine?

  1. 1812
  2. 1821
  3. 1825
  4. 1829
Answer: c

As the Ukrainian won the first experience of parliamentary activity?

  1. During the Revolution, 1948-1949 biennium
  2. After creating the Galician Sejm
  3. When the Decembrist uprising in the Russian Empire
  4. After the Polish national uprising of 1830-1831 biennium
Answer: a

What armed speech took place at Western in the first half of the nineteenth century.?

  1. Peasant revolt led by U. Karmaluk
  2. Peasant revolt led led filly I.
  3. Rise of military settlers
  4. Revolt Bug Cossack Host
Answer: b

What are the current liberation movements existed in the Ukrainian lands in the first half of the nineteenth century.?

  1. Ukrainian
  2. Polish
  3. Russian
Answer: a, b

Once Franko said: "Mermaid Dnistrovaia" although a little content that vague thought it urged - in time through a revolutionary phenomenon. In what year was published this collection?

  1. 1814
  2. 1831
  3. 1836
  4. 1848
Answer: c

What are the Ukrainian revolution of the earth covered 1848-1849 biennium?

  1. Transcarpathia
  2. Galicia
  3. Bukovina
  4. Skirts
  5. Volin
Answer: a, b, c

What city was the center of the first wave of the national movement at Western?

  1. Lviv
  2. Kamenets
  3. Przemysl
  4. Ternopil
Answer: c

Which of these events took place at Western?

  1. Peasant revolt led by U. Karmaluk
  2. Creation of the Supreme Ruthenian Council
  3. Rise of the Chernigov Regiment
  4. Create Cyril and Methodius
Answer: b

Who went to the circle of young intellectuals, known as "Rus trinity"?

  1. Shashkevych M., I. Vahylevych, Holovatsky
  2. Shashkevych M., M. Verbitsky, A. Ermakov
  3. G. Yakhimovich, V. Podolynsky, L. Kobylytsya
  4. O. Dukhnovych, A. Dobriansky, Holovatsky
Answer: a

In what year was eliminated Uniate church in Right-Bank Ukraine?

  1. 1814
  2. 1825
  3. 1831
  4. 1839
Answer: d

He played a leading role in the Ukrainian national movement in Western Ukraine in the first half of the nineteenth century.?

  1. Ukrainized Polish nobility
  2. The descendants of the former Cossack
  3. Greek Catholic priests
  4. Intelligentsia who were vhidtsyamy of peasants and townspeople
Answer: c

What region of Ukraine within the Russian Empire became a center of Ukrainian national movement in the first third of the XIX century.?

  1. Skirts
  2. Kyiv region
  3. Zaporozhye
  4. Sloboda
Answer: d

What event contributed to the elimination of serfdom in Western Ukraine?

  1. Rise in military settlements
  2. Revitalization Robin
  3. Peasant appearances in 1846 and revolution 1848-1849
  4. The Polish uprising of 1830-1831 biennium
Answer: c

What event became a pretext for the formation of Cossack regiments in Poltava and Chernihiv provinces in 1830?

  1. Rise in military settlements
  2. The Polish uprising
  3. Peasant uprising led Ustyma Karmaluk
  4. Speech Decembrists
Answer: b

Which organization during the revolution of 1848-1849 he served as representative of the Ukrainian population of Galicia to the central government?

  1. "Ruses Cathedral
  2. Cathedral Russians scientists
  3. Supreme Ruthenian Council
  4. "Ruska trinity"
Answer: c

In what year was the king's government banned the activities of Masonic lodges, particularly in Ukraine?

  1. 1815
  2. 1822
  3. 1826
  4. 1831
Answer: b