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QUESTIONS: Ukraine in the Crimean War of 1853-1856 the peasant movement of 1855-1860 was

Host countries which participated in the Crimean War?

  1. Russia and Turkey
  2. Russia, Turkey, England
  3. Russia, Turkey, England, France
  4. Russia, Turkey, Britain, France and Piedmont
Answer: d

What events took place in the Ukrainian lands during the Crimean War?

  1. Abolition of serfdom
  2. Rise of military settlers
  3. Liquidation Danusian Host
  4. Kiev Cossacks "
Answer: d

Where decisive events unfolded the Crimean War?

  1. In Wallachia and Moldavia
  2. Around Sevastopol
  3. On the Caucasian front
  4. In the Black Sea
Answer: b

What Cossack formation involved in the defense of the coast from Odessa to the Danube during the Crimean War?

  1. Danube Cossack Host
  2. Azov Cossack Host
  3. Black Sea Cossack Host
  4. Bug Cossack Host
Answer: a

Specify the chronological framework of the Crimean War

  1. 1853-1855 biennium
  2. 1855-1860 biennium
  3. 1854-1855,
  4. 1853-1856 biennium
Answer: d

What territorial losses suffered by Russia Crimean War?

  1. Part of South Bessarabia
  2. Crimean peninsula
  3. Black Sea coast between the Danube and the South Bug
  4. Crimea and Southern Bessarabia
Answer: a