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Germany in the X-XIII centuries (compendium)

a result of Verdun, the division there were 843 Shidnofrankske kingdom - the future of Germany. During 1960 it ruled the descendants of Charlemagne. Year of the German kingdom, according to modern German history, is 911, when after the death of the last ruler of the kingdom Shidnofrankskoho Carolingian dynasty King was first elected representative of the local aristocracy - Franconian duke Conrad I (911-918 years). His grandson, Saxon Duke Henry and Bird (919-936 years) launched a new Saxon dynasty of German throne. German kingdom at that time consisted of four tribal duchy - Swabia, Bavaria, Franconia and Saxony. King was elected German higher nobility.

son of Henry I, Otto I (936-973 years), were famous because Hungarians inflicted a crushing defeat in the battle on the river Lech near Augsburg in Bavaria (955) and, following the example of Charlemagne again resumed its empire in the West (962 city). Holy Roman Empire, as they called her out in 1157, significantly inferior in size ancient Roman and Frankish Empire, but lasted much longer - before the XIX century. Officially part of the Holy Roman Empire in the XI century. were Germany and Northern Italy.