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France in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries (compendium)

in XI century. royalty in France was extremely weak. Kings had almost no power and their own subjects recognized only "first among equals." Master King could only be in your domain - land that belonged to him as the heir of Count Paris. This was the Duchy of Ile-de-France - strip of land along the river Seine and the Loire from Paris to Orleans. But even here his vassals zachynyvshys in their forts, behaved quite independently.

process of strengthening the central government launched in France, King Louis VI Thick (1108-1137 biennium), citing the order in its own domain. Locks of rebellious barons were destroyed or are housed in the royal garrisons. End of his life Louis VI, marrying his son, the future King Louis VII (1137-1180 biennium) for the successor of the Duchy of Aquitaine Aliyenori, increased the royal domain several times. However, after the divorce of Louis VII of Aliyenoroyu her second husband was the English King Henry II Palentahenet. Thus English Plantagenet won half of France.

majority of the board of Philip II Augustus (1180-1223 biennium) in the past against Anjou and completed his victory. In 1214 British kings lost most of their French possessions. Royal domain at the end of the board of Philip II Augustus grew by three and a half times. Son of Philip II - Louis VIII (1223-1226 biennium) during the wars albihoyskyh attached to the royal domain big and rich county of Toulouse in southern France.