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The death of the Byzantine Empire and the emergence of the Ottoman Empire (compendium)

internal crisis that Europe experienced in the XIV century. even more complicated because of the threat of Turkish invasion.

end of XI. in the Asian part of the Byzantine Empire entered the Turkish Seljuks (Turkic nomadic tribes who came from Central Asia), who had driven the Byzantines to the west and created their own state. The subsequent history of their place in constant warfare against their neighbors: Byzantines, Arabs, Persians. They played a crucial role in the defeat of the Crusaders in Palestine. Constant wars, internal turmoil undermined the power of the Seljuks later.

In the XIII century. in Asia Minor tribes migrated new nomadic Turks who were rescued from the Mongol invasion. These tribes settled in seldzhutsko-Byzantine border. They carried out raids on Byzantium or hired themselves to the Byzantine army. Gradually the nomads started to create their principality-Emirates. With the demise of the Emir of State Seljuks gained independence. The most fortunate among emirs Osman .

congenital He was a warrior who expanded the borders of their colonies, united under his authority and other Turkic tribes, who were called by Osman Turks . Later, the Emir of the Ottoman Empire began to call himself sultan.