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QUESTIONS: Medieval Society

Accommodation feudal lords.

  1. lock
  2. cottage
  3. palace
Answer: a

A brief statement explaining the content of the coat of arms knight?

  1. sentence
  2. motto
  3. aphorism
Answer: b

Payment of money or food is called feudal peasant

  1. boon
  2. servage
  3. banalitet
  4. gild
Answer: b

Type of economy, in which the products of labor are made only to meet the owner, and not for sale

  1. natural economy
  2. market economy.
Answer: a

As the main castle tower called?

  1. donzhon
  2. Town Hall
  3. belfry
Answer: a

What is the main cause of peasant uprisings in the Middle Ages?

  1. Exploitation of feudal peasants
  2. violation of established traditions of feudal
  3. desire of farmers to get rid of any dependence
  4. unresolved land issues between the peasant and feudal
  5. envy on the life of feudal peasants
Answer: b

What layer of medieval society was the most numerous?

  1. free peasants
  2. dependent farmers
Answer: b

Which states medieval society pay tithe?

  1. feudal
  2. priests
  3. peasants
Answer: c

In the Middle Ages knights called

  1. armed peasant
  2. Turf Warrior
  3. powerful feudal
Answer: b

What should produce apprentice in order to become tradesmen?

  1. masterpiece
  2. emblem of his shop
  3. gifts to all the masters workshop
Answer: a

At union called apprentices

  1. shop
  2. guild
  3. fraternity.
Answer: c

What is the name of a city of self?

  1. Magdeburg law
  2. Roman law
  3. independence
Answer: a