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Largest oil-producing U.S. states are

  1. Alaska, Texas
  2. Massachusetts, California
  3. Ohio, Michigan
Answer: a

What type of power is a leading U.S. electricity?

  1. TPP
  2. GES
  3. NPP
Answer: a

In some regions of the United States focused most of refineries?

  1. States Atlantic coast
  2. California and Alaska
  3. Texas and Louisiana
Answer: c

Where is the "corn belt" of the U.S.?

  1. North-east
  2. Pacific Coast
  3. Gulf Coast
  4. Midwest
Answer: d

Uneven spatial distribution of farms in Canada due to

  1. natural conditions
  2. distribution of minerals
  3. conditions of development in the country
Answer: a

What type of power plants to generate the bulk of electricity in Canada?

  1. TPP
  2. GES
  3. NPP
Answer: b

Which Canadian provinces are allocated the largest concentration of industry?

  1. Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  2. Quebec and Ontario
  3. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
Answer: b

Which of these countries is not part of the British Commonwealth of Nations?

  1. Jamaica
  2. Bahamas
  3. Panama
  4. Barbados
Answer: c

Chile is a unique wealth

  1. oil
  2. coal
  3. saltpeter
  4. tin
Answer: c

Steppe of Argentina called

  1. Llanos
  2. Campos
  3. pampas
  4. prairie
Answer: c

Breadbasket provinces of Canada are

  1. Manitoba, British Columbia
  2. Quebec, Ontario
  3. Alberta, Saskatchewan
Answer: c

Urban agglomeration in South America with a population of over 5 million people is

  1. Montevideo
  2. Lima
  3. Caracas
  4. Porto Alegre
Answer: b