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Guide "Kiev for students", Grade 5

World (compendium)
Europe. Ukraine. Outskirts of Kiev (compendium)
Relief. Rivers and lakes (compendium)
Water (compendium)
Ground (compendium)
Seasons. The observation of the nature (compendium)
Flora and Fauna (compendium)
Central Botanical Gardens them. M. Grishko (compendium)
Botanical Gardens them. A. Fomin (compendium)
Zoo (compendium)
Central Park of Culture and Leisure (compendium)
Administrative districts (compendium)
Changes in population (compendium)
Center of Kiev (compendium)
Reserve В«Sophia CathedralВ» (compendium)
Prominent places (compendium)
Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (compendium)
Assumption Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (compendium)
Famous Poles (compendium)
Industry (compendium)
Power (compendium)
Air pollution (compendium)
Transport and communications (compendium)
Vehicles in 1914 (compendium)
Metropolitan (compendium)
The oldest settlements in the territory of the city (compendium)
945 (compendium)
1240 (compendium)
1648 (compendium)
1787 (compendium)
1914 (compendium)
Image film - "pearl of Kiev"
Picture News - Museum of Barbara and Bogdan Khanenko "
Image film - "Getting to the capital of Ukraine"
Image film - "Mariinsky Palace"
Image film - "Cathedral of the Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra"
QUESTIONS: Geographical Location
QUESTIONS: The surface of Kyiv. Weather
QUESTIONS: Flora and fauna
QUESTIONS: Population. History and Present
QUESTIONS: Economic activity
QUESTIONS: Kyiv in the past
1. Entry (textbook)
2. Where we live (textbook)
3. What is the origin Kyiv (textbook)
4. Kyiv-city (textbook)
5. History - history of the country (textbook)
6. The memory of them saves the city (textbook)
7. Saint Sophia Cathedral - a symbol of Kyiv (textbook)
8. How to grow Kyiv (textbook)
9. Habitat Kyiv (textbook)
10. An interesting walk around the city (textbook)
11. Defensive structures Kyiv (textbook)
12. Kyiv craft and industrial (textbook)
13. Kyiv shopping (textbook)
14. Kyiv underground and above ground (textbook)
15. We - the people of! (textbook)
16. As lived Kiev (textbook)
17. School education in Kiev (textbook)
18. Leisure Kiev (textbook)
19. Ancient Kyiv eyes of artists (textbook)