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Geographic zones and natural areas of the world (compendium)

geographical area and Natural Area is a zonal natural complexes.

As the climate is the primary defining characteristic of the geographical area, they tend to coincide with the climatic zones. In addition to climate characterized by a certain geographical area of soil-vegetation, inland water, processes, etc. Relief.

smaller zonal complexes are natural areas, defining characteristic is the ratio of heat and moisture, forming a type of climate, soil and vegetation, fauna. Because vegetation is the most distinct characteristic of natural area, just call them at the prevailing type of vegetation ( taiga zone, a zone of semi-desert , etc.).

Since the basic characteristics of natural areas is strongly dependent on revenues from solar energy and climate in general, natural areas change from the equator to the poles. However, as climate, natural areas are not distributed perfectly to the latitude - on their position significantly affects a number of other factors including the importance of play relief. In mountainous terrain changed environmental conditions has certain characteristics: lower temperatures and changing rainfall causing high-rise explain . The higher the mountain system, the closer it is to the equator, the greater number and a set of high-altitude zones.