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Eurasia. Political Map (compendium)

Eurasia - the largest continent planet. In its vast spaces are more than 80 countries, different in size, population, development level, cultural traditions, historical past. Among them - The largest state in the world (Russia) and the two largest countries by population, China and India. However, there are also state that the size and population are no different from ordinary cities (Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Vatican).

Eurasia - the cradle of ancient civilizations. But for centuries the great expanse of northern and central parts of the continent remained unsettled and almost unknown to the civilized nations of Europe, the Arab world, India and China. And most Eurasian civilizations in ancient times had contacted each other.

history research giant continent is difficult to associate with one person. On the verge of the first and second centuries of the north - western part of Eurasia actively osvoyuvalasya Norman . Further, through the Crusades strengthen diplomatic and trade relations between the countries of the European continent idea pohlyblyuvalys with promotion to the east. Later significant efforts to increase knowledge of Eurasia made Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Semen Dezhnov, Vitus Bering, Nikolai Przewalski, and other explorers and scientists.

originated in Eurasia three world religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, which spread from here to other regions of the planet. The continent formed two of the world's great races: european and Mongoloid.

On the continent inhabited by over 60% of the population, but placed it unevenly. Due to favorable natural conditions and geographical location is the most densely populated western, southern and south-eastern part of Eurasia - here in some regions the population density reaches 600 and more persons per 1 km2. At the same time giant of the North, Northeast Asia, as well as mountain and desert area of the continent mastered with very little or are inhabited.

very different countries and specific regions of Eurasia by the level of urbanization. Thus, in Western Europe, this figure reaches 70 percent or more, and in many regions of Asia, it is almost twice as small. Among the most urbanized continent is Singapore (100%), Belgium, Kuwait. The smallest share of urban population in Bhutan (6%), Nepal (15%). In Eurasia, is the largest number of megalopolis, such as Tokyo, Mumbai, Kolkata, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta.

Eurasia main problems is overcrowding in some countries, political instability, separatism.