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Area Eurasia together with the islands is:

  1. 30.32 million square meters. km
  2. 54.6 million square meters. km
  3. 24.25 million square meters. km
Answer: b

Which of the statements is correct?

  1. G. Everest - the world's highest peak
  2. In Eurasia, there is - the largest desert planet
  3. Europe's longest river is the Dnipro
Answer: a

Extreme eastern Eurasia is the point:

  1. City Dezhnova
  2. City Chelyuskina
  3. City Piay
Answer: a

World's deepest lake are:

  1. Baikal
  2. Lop Nur
  3. Issyk-Kul
Answer: a

Larger than the area are:

  1. Arabian Peninsula
  2. Northland
  3. Iberian Peninsula
Answer: a

In the climate of which parts of Eurasia have the greatest influence Indian and Pacific Oceans?

  1. Western parts of the continent
  2. Central parts of the continent
  3. South and Southeast Asia
Answer: c

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. In Eurasia, widespread all natural areas of the Northern Hemisphere
  2. Mixed forests and platyphyllous most common in the western part of the continent
  3. Most high-altitude zones formed on the northern slopes of Himalayas
Answer: c

Of the travelers listed the greatest contribution to research done Eurasia:

  1. Marco Polo
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. James Cook
Answer: a

Among the world religions in western Eurasia, the most common are:

  1. Christianity
  2. Buddhism
  3. Islam
Answer: a

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. China - the most populous country in the world
  2. In India, less than the population density in China
  3. Indonesia - the most populous Muslim country in the world
Answer: b

Of the countries listed in the group of highly developed countries include:

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Singapore
Answer: b

Most of the world's proven oil reserves is concentrated:

  1. in the Caspian Sea
  2. offshore North Sea
  3. in the Persian Gulf
Answer: c