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§ 2. Time zones (textbook)

§ 2. Time Zone


  1. Recall that the movement has geographical implications of the Earth around its axis.
  2. What is called meridians? How much you can spend meridians on the map      or the globe?


LOCAL TIME. Already know that the Earth rotates around its axis and its surface illuminated Sun unequally. When, for example, Kievday, then across the world - overnight. Because each meridian (shortest notional line drawn on the map from pole to pole) will have their time. So, in the same time in different points of time will be different. It will be the same only in places that have the same latitude, that are along one of a meridian. The term is attached to one meridian (a meridian As you know, you can hold for any point on Earth) at the moment called local, or sunny time. This is due location areas in a particular geographic longitude. Thus, time differ in any two points, which are different longitude.

Full turn (360 Kharkiv, Which lies east of 36   time will be 10 hr 20 min (36

Use local time uncomfortable, because moving west or east longitude degrees each to the clock move back or forward to 4 min.

HR Zone. For convenience of timing the Earth's surface divided into 24 bands and 15 Time Zone. In each zone passes through the center meridian. Local time of the medium agreed to assume the same meridian at the moment for all points within one time zone. Local time zone meridian  called waist.

Meridian time zones away from each one of 15 Paris is 1 st time zone and if there 10 hours, then at this time in KievThat in the 2 nd zone will be 11 years. When the distance between the belts, for example, longitude 180

POINT Time. Each hour zone, given a certain number from 0 to 23. Belt with Prime MeridianThat has longitude 0

Certain time zones has a special name. For example, zero time zone called Western EuropeTime zone 1 - European average, a 2-zone in foreign countries are called Eastern European.

Most of the Ukraine located in the 2 nd time zone. Although in extreme western and the eastern border of our country different from the time lap over for half an hour, for convenience throughout Ukraine introduced only for All localities Standard Time. Meridian 2-hour zone (30 Kyiv. Therefore, a 2-zone in Ukraine called Kiev. Kyiv sometimes made the movement of trains, buses and planes flying, long-distance telephone and telegraph communications in our country.

MAP Time zone. Map time zones divide the earth's surface reflects on the time zone. Neighboring zones painted in different colors to make them easier to distinguish.

Looked carefully, you'll notice that the border zones in the seas oceans and carried straight on meridians. At the same land for their convenience conducted by state and administrative boundaries.

Non-specified time zones on the upper frame map. They also signed and the value of meridians in degrees. The lower frame maps figure indicated the time difference between this and the original time zone. Mark "" Or "-" at the number indicates what action should do (subtract or add) to determine the lap time relative to this. It is important to know the people that moving from one time zone to another. As seen from the map, moving west, the clock should translate to 1 hour back if the East - 1 hours ahead. The map also highlighted a different color areas where accepted time differs from the original time zone to the specified value in numbers.


Fig.  Time Zone


Working with map

1. Due to the gaps on the world map the Earth's surface divided by time zone?

2. What is the difference in time between adjacent zones?

3. Why limit time zones on land and in oceans held not straightforward?

4. From start counting time zones? What hour zone is called a zero?

5. What time zone is Ukraine?

6. How much time in Ukraine is different from Western and Central European Time?

7. Where the Date Line?


SUMMER TIME. In many countries in the summer time clocks are moved forward by 1 hour. This is done for to use sunlight efficiently and save electricity. Such a "translated" time call elderly. That elderly time - A time that is 1 hour ahead of time relative to the main, adopted in this country.

Summer time is used by over 100 countries. In Ukraine clocks are moved forward by 1 hour in late March. In late October, the summer has been canceled, clocks are moved back by 1 hour, restored Standard Time.


Questions and Tasks

1. What is called local time?

2. What is called Time, and why it took its introduction?

3. Determine the time difference between Kyiv and cities: London, Moscow, Sydney, New York.

4.     Determine who will lap time Yakutsk and Los Angeles, if Kiev he is 17 h 20 min.

5.     Why introduce Daylight Saving Time?

6.     Explain why Magellan and his satellites, having rounded the earth during the circumnavigation, one lost day.