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Tectonic structure (compendium)

Common features of the earth's surface features are determined tectonic , reflected on the appropriate map. The territory of Ukraine within the 3 major tectonic structures of different age and structure:

1) East of the ancient (Precambrian) platform;

2) young Scythian (epihertsynskoyi) platform;

3) Ckladchastoho zone in the Carpathians and the Crimea, which is a part of the Alpine-Himalayan belt of Eurasia and was formed during the Alpine epoch in the Cenozoic era horotvorennya.

Different tectonic structures in the area corresponding to certain forms of relief. Heostrukturnoyu axis of the whole of Ukraine is the Ukrainian Shield - crystalline array, which meet the Dnieper and Azov Upland. West of the Shield is Volyn-Podolsky stove - geostructures, which correspond Podolsky and Volyn sublimity. To the east and south of the Ukrainian Shield are the Dnieper-Donetsk Basin and Black Sea. Two recent match Dnieper and the Black Sea lowlands.