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Unfavorable natural processes (compendium)

In Ukraine apparent natural phenomena associated with movements of the lithosphere, weather and inland waters. Massage the lithosphere due to seismic events. The cells of earthquakes often are in the Carpathian and Crimean mountains in the Black Sea to the south of Crimea. Adverse weather events in Ukraine is a drought, droughts, dust storms, frost, ice, hail. Uncontrolled deforestation in the mountains of causes during heavy rains debris flows - rivers of mud, formed by washed soil layers undocked. Village of great weight and great speed. They destroy roads, buildings, arable land. Since inland water related floods (floods) - and short-term rapid rise of water level in river. This natural phenomenon can occur in the mountains during heavy snow, heavy torrential rains. Stick the same lowland rivers of Ukraine regulated reservoirs, because of sharp fluctuations in water with disastrous consequences for them not happen.

map Adverse natural processes reflects the unexpected, severe consequences for their violation of a normal course of natural phenomena: the village, karst erosion processes, landslides and waterlogging, secondary soil salinization, flooding. This information makes it possible to prevent the development of adverse processes to avoid or reduce their negative consequences.