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Black and Azov Seas (compendium)

Shores Ukraine Black Sea and Azov Sea. Black Sea area 422 thousand km 2 . Much of it is in the subtropical zone. Average depth - 1271 m, maximum - 2245 meters at depths of 100-120 m of water over saturated with hydrogen sulfide, which adversely affects the organic life. In the Black Sea comprising over 660 species of plants and 2000 species of animals that live mostly in the aerobic (oxygenated) zone. Every year the sea gives up to 300 thousand tons of biological resources. Environmental problems of the Black Sea:

over revenues of industrial, domestic and agricultural pollution, which leads to the accumulation of dead organic matter and increased content of hydrogen sulfide;

reduction of free oxygen in sea water, through which blooms water, killed fish, shellfish, algae in estuaries;

the decrease in catches of black sea mullet, mackerel, horse mackerel, which leads to economic losses;

disastrous breeding jellyfish.

Azov Sea area - 39 thousand km 2 . It is located in the temperate zone. The average depth of 4.7 m, maximum - 15. Flora and fauna high, in particular, there are 79 species of fish. The problems of the Azov Sea related to human activities:

increasing salinity through reduction of river runoff major rivers (the construction of reservoirs, increasing water abstraction for domestic needs);

lowering the water level;

reduction of biological productivity.