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External economic relations of Ukraine (compendium)

Since independence our country is making significant efforts to integrate into the global community. Ukraine became a member of several international organizations. Yes, membership in the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has given Ukraine a chance to get favorable loans. Ukraine's accession in 2008 to the WTO will help her avoid discrimination in international trade and open more access to markets in other countries.

strategy of foreign economic activity is a full-fledged inter-state relations with the major global centers (U.S., EU, Japan, China). Traditionally, it is important to Ukraine's cooperation with neighbors. Thus, almost half of export-import operations of our state falls on the CIS and Baltic countries.

largest component of international relations is foreign trade in goods. Its volumes are constantly increasing. Thus, in 2001, exports amounted to 264.7 million in 1916 dollars, import - 15 775 100 000 dollars. In 2002, exports increased to 17 957.1 million dollars and imports - to 16 976.8 million dollars. The corresponding figures in 2003 of 066.8 million dollars in 1923 (exports) and 23 020.1 million (imports). And in 2006 - 38 368 million dollars and 45 dollars 039 million respectively.

Since 2004, foreign trade of our country remains a negative balance (dominance of imports over exports), which negatively affects the stability of national financial system.

The map External links Ukraine are information with which countries in which volumes and commodity groups for which our country makes trade exchange.

Besides trade in goods and services, external relations provide credit and financial relations, scientific, technical, humanitarian and military cooperation, labor migration, international tourism.

Given the fact that Ukraine's exports consist mainly of raw products, materialomistkyh industries (mining industry, engineering, agriculture), the important task is to improve its structure. The increase in export share of high-tech equipment, machinery and equipment, services, will enable Ukraine to establish itself worldwide as highly industrial country with a developed diversified agriculture.