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Nature-protected areas (compendium)

01.01.2002 nature-reserve fund (NRF) of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol up from 157 sites and facilities with total area of 145,259.36 ha, which corresponds to 5.6% area of the Crimea. In natural-reserved fund of Crimea includes:

· Nature reserves of national importance - 6 sites;

· Sanctuaries of national importance - 17 sites;

· Natural monuments of national importance - 13 sites;

· Botanical garden of national importance - 1 item;

· Parks, monuments of landscape gardening art of national importance - 10 sites;

· Regional landscape parks of local significance - 2 objects;

· Preserves local - 16 sites;

· Natural monuments of local importance - 60 sites;

· Parks, monuments of landscape gardening art of local importance - 20 sites;

· Protected Tracts local - 11 sites;

· Dendrology parks of local significance - 1 object.


54% of the total area occupied by the NRF 6 state reserves: total area of 63,833.5 ha:

· Crimean Nature Reserve - was founded in 1991, the area of 44,175.5 hectares, the flora includes about 1180 species of plants, fauna - 27 species, 260 bird species and 8 species fish;

· Yalta mountain-forest reserve - founded in 1973, the area of 14,523 hectares, the flora includes 1463 species of higher plants, fauna - 8 species, 3 species of fish;

· Kapadagsky Reserve - founded in 1979, the area of 2,855.2 hectares, the flora includes 920 species of plants, fauna - 120 species of birds, 31 species of animals, 110 species of fish ;

· Cape Marian - founded in 1973, the area of 240 hectares, the flora includes 500 species of higher plants and fauna - 25 species, 45 species of birds, 66 species of fish;

· Kazantip Nature Preserve - founded in 1998, the area of 450.1 hectares, the flora of vascular plants includes over 620 species;

· Opuksky Nature Reserve - founded in 1998, the area of 1,592.3 hectares, flora includes 426 species of vascular plants, the fauna is represented by 24 species of mammals and 60 species of birds.

56% of the area falls by 153 of the object. Small area of objects, their fragmentation, incoherence among themselves are the main destabilizing factors in the nature reserve fund of the Crimea.

main area of protected areas are concentrated in mountainous and foothill Crimea. The highest values, this figure reaches the Yalta City Council (about 73%) in Sevastopol, and Alushta City Council (30%). Especially difficult is the situation with protection of natural ecosystems that are located within the steppe zone, where these ecosystems are the most intensively transformed. It was here a few existing reserves are very small in size, and are not provided with full protection regime.

Razdolnensky and Leninsky districts have the highest percentage in the Crimea protected aquatic systems.


List territory of objects of natural reserve fund of national and local importance of the ARC and Sevastopol on 01.01.2001

Ecology Crimea. Handbook under. Ed. NV Bagrov and VA Bokova. - Simferopol: Crimean educational and pedagogical state. due in 2003. - 360.


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