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Center of Kiev (compendium)

before us Kyiv center from the bird's flight. The area that it covers our vision, is a plateau, cut valley Khreshchatyk. South of it, closer to us - sticky for Kreschatiku - Upper City. In the western part of the panorama - the coming quarters to Khreshchatyk new development in the east - strip Dnipro parks.

City's main street, Khreshchatyk emerged relatively recently: the first houses on it appeared in 1790's. Because the street lay among formerly separate parts of Kyiv - the Upper City, hem and Caves - here in the middle of the XIX century. transferred business and administrative center. Since 1870 there grow tall buildings with shops, hotels, banks, cafes and city council buildings, stock exchanges, the covered market. On a small street length (1200 m) was "strung together" three areas - their modern European names, bessarabian Square and Independence Square.

architectural face Hreschatika formed before the Revolution, remained almost unchanged until the Second World War. On the sixth day of the Nazi occupation, 24 September 1941, the capital started to explode buildings, pre-Soviet demining mined. The explosion and fire, most buildings have become the center of the ruins.

In 1950 Khreshchatyk was rebuilt as a new ensemble, which celebrated architecture and the magnificent solemnity. Its hallmark is a characteristic golden wall siding tiles, and lower floors - granite blocks. The width of the street compared to pre-war time was twice as large. Its twin side established administrative buildings that stand close to one another, and unpaired - residential buildings, in which the gap between the slopes Lypok browsing. The most conspicuous building ensemble - City Council and high-rise residential building, topped with a spire vezhechkoyu. In 1970-80-years update Hreschatika continued: when faced building unions and the Lenin Museum (now the Ukrainian House). Recent major changes of the capital at the beginning of the XXI century. When it was renovated main area of the city and state - Independence Square, the center built a monument of Independence of Ukraine. In an underground space created a large tradeYelnya and entertainment center "Globus».

a result of the changes from pre-revolutionary Hreschatika there are four bank buildings early twentieth century. (In the quarter between the European Square and Independence Square) and one block street between Khmelnitskogo and Shevchenko Boulevard.