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QUESTIONS: Geographical Location

The size of the territory of Ukraine in Europe:

  1. is the largest
  2. second only to Russia
  3. behind France and Russia
Answer: b

With which of the listed countries, Ukraine has common borders?

  1. From Bulgaria
  2. Romania
  3. Slovakia
Answer: a

Which airport is within Kyiv?

  1. Borispol
  2. Kyiv (Zhulyany)
  3. Gostomelsky
Answer: b

What kind of satellite cities Kyiv most?

  1. Brovary
  2. Borispol
  3. Vyshgorod
Answer: a

Which of the statements is correct?

  1. In the south of Kyiv, Kiev reservoir is
  2. Kyiv is in north of country
  3. Borispol Airport is located west of Kyiv
Answer: b

On which river is navigable Ukraine connection with a number of Central and Western Europe?

  1. On the Dnieper
  2. By the Danube
  3. In the West Bug
Answer: b

As part of the world is Ukraine?

  1. In Europe
  2. In Asia
  3. In Eurasia
Answer: a

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Kyiv-largest city of
  2. Kyiv-largest city in Eastern Europe
  3. In Kyiv the border and forest-steppe zone
Answer: b

If you travel from Kyiv to the west, the first regional center will be on the way:

  1. Chernihiv
  2. Zhitomir
  3. Exactly
Answer: b

North of the border Kiev region is both the state border of Ukraine:

  1. Belarus
  2. Russia
  3. Poland
Answer: a

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Ukraine borders with seven countries
  2. The territory of Ukraine is washed by two seas
  3. From the capitals of foreign countries in Kyiv is located near Moscow
Answer: c