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⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття

QUESTIONS: Population. History and Present

In Kiev is a place whose name means:

  1. group of outbuildings
  2. crossing for cattle
  3. device to deal with household pests
Answer: c

Which of the locations listed in the XVIII century. was settled?

  1. Priorka
  2. Pusha Voditsa
  3. Obolon
  4. Telychka
Answer: a

Which district of present administrative division belongs Kudriavets area?

  1. Caves
  2. Podolski
  3. Shevchenko
  4. Solomyanskogo
Answer: c

Which of the listed areas is not officially belong to the city of Kyiv at the beginning of XX century. (As of 1914)?

  1. Obolon
  2. Scoops
  3. Paradise
  4. Truhanov Island
Answer: b

In today's Pechersk district is the town whose name is derived:

  1. on behalf of the Slavic god
  2. from ancient burial mounds
  3. of lime grove
  4. on behalf of the Polovtsian Khan
Answer: c

In today's Kiev region is a residential area, named in honor of:

  1. capital of Belarus
  2. Academy of Sciences
  3. WWII hero
  4. Ukrainian Soviet poet
Answer: a

In the territory of modern Darnytsky is a former village, whose name is associated with:

  1. Chumakov
  2. fishermen
  3. beekeepers
  4. Cossacks
Answer: c

In honor of the Metropolitan Raphael Zaborowski called:

  1. the gate that led to the monastery of Saint Sophia
  2. Street at the Cave
  3. audience Mohyla
  4. source of the Lavra
Answer: a

The original purpose building Philharmonic:

  1. Merchant's assembly
  2. Palace of the governor general
  3. Pedagogical Museum
  4. Theatre Solovtsov
Answer: a

Racetracks Expocentre, University Library. Vernadsky are:

  1. in Kiev
  2. in Kiev
  3. In Kiev
  4. the Pechersk district
Answer: b

Which of the above persons in Kiev there is no memorial?

  1. Mykola Lysenko
  2. Yaroslav the Wise
  3. Vladimir Vernadsky
  4. Peter Graves
Answer: d

Sculptural images of Mikhail Glinka, Ukrainian Lesya, Zankovetska can see:

  1. at Mariinsky park
  2. in Garden City
  3. in Kreschaty Park
  4. the Pechersk Landscape Park
Answer: b