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QUESTIONS: Religious Life in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century.

What are two forms of Christianity have long been practicing the Ukrainian people?

  1. Orthodoxy
  2. Old Believers
  3. Roman Catholicism
  4. Greek Catholicism
Answer: a, d

In which city is the residence of Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church?

  1. Kyiv
  2. Uzhgorod
  3. Ternopil
  4. Lviv
Answer: d

What the church is divided Ukrainian Orthodoxy?

  1. UOC-KP
  2. Church
  3. UOC-MP
  4. UAOC
Answer: a, c, d

Who approves the Greek Metropolitan katolytsho?

  1. Archbishop of Lviv and all Ukrainian
  2. Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine
  3. Pope
Answer: c

In what four areas Catholicism has the biggest impact?

  1. Zhytomyr
  2. Ternopil
  3. Kiev
  4. Vinnitsa
  5. Rivne
  6. Brussels
Answer: a, b, d, f

What is Protestantism's most influential community in Ukraine?

  1. Adventist
  2. Pentecostals
  3. Lutherans
  4. Reformers
  5. Baptists
Answer: e

Representatives of national minorities in Ukraine which profess Lutheranism?

  1. Armenians
  2. Germans
  3. Latvians
  4. Poles
  5. Hungarians
Answer: b, c

In the region of Ukraine is the most common Islam?

  1. Odessa regions
  2. Donets
  3. Crimea
Answer: c