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QUESTIONS: Ukraine in 1985 - 1991 рр. Struggle for independence

What occupied the position of party-political leadership of the USSR, headed by V. Shcherbytskyi during 1985 - 1987 рр. reformist course of Gorbachev?

  1. full support and active implementation of the republic course of democratization of public life
  2. support rate "adjustment" in words and in disregard of the actual blocking reform steps of the central party leadership
  3. categorical refusal to support perestroika, initiated measures conservative party circles to eliminate Gorbachev from power
  4. develop our own concept of reforming the USSR on the basis of market relations in the economic independence of the republic
Answer: b

What demand-hunger strike of students in Kiev in October 1990, Parliament approved the USSR?

  1. Nationalization of property and CPU LKSMU
  2. The resignation of Prime Minister Viktor Masol
  3. Working-out of military service conscripts in Ukraine
  4. Nepidpysannya Ukraine's new union contract
Answer: b

Do sapience? The impetus for the deployment of the independence movement in the USSR: 1) was the transformation processes in the USSR) was a coup attempt organized HKCHP (DKNS).

  1. Both are valid
  2. Only 1 correct option
  3. Only 2 are valid
  4. Both incorrect
Answer: b

In what year Mr. Shcherbytskyi been removed from the position of First Secretary and member of the Politburo of the Communist Party Central Committee in connection with retirement?

  1. 1986
  2. 1989
  3. 1990
  4. 1991
Answer: b

Employees of a miners' strike of the mine started in Ukraine in 1989?

  1. "Deep-Yasinuvatska"
  2. "Central-North"
  3. "Chervonogvardiis'ka"
  4. "Central-Irmino"
Answer: a

With what the Soviet leader linked the emergence of concepts of "openness", "new political thinking", "democratization"?

  1. Leonid Brezhnev
  2. Yuri Andropov
  3. K. Chernenko
  4. Gorbachev
Answer: d

Do sapience? The Chernobyl disaster: 1) sustainable environmental disaster for many regions of Ukraine, 2) started a process of elimination of nuclear energy in Ukraine.

  1. Both are valid
  2. Only 1 correct option
  3. Only 2 are valid
  4. Both incorrect
Answer: b