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QUESTIONS: Ukraine's foreign policy. Ukrainian diaspora

What two countries declared Ukraine first?

  1. Russia
  2. Poland
  3. Canada
  4. U.S.
Answer: b, c

Which countries of the former Soviet Union is not included in the CIS?

  1. Georgia
  2. Latvia
  3. Lithuania
  4. Estonia
Answer: b, c, d

Which countries are now also members of GUAM and CIS?

  1. Uzbekistan
  2. Ukraine
  3. Georgia
  4. Moldova
  5. Azerbaijan
Answer: b, d, e

Founder of an international organization by Ukraine in 1945?

  1. NATO
  2. League of Nations
  3. UN
Answer: c

What was the main cause of the first wave of Ukrainian emigration second half of XIX century.?

  1. Shortage of arable land
  2. Polityni persecution
  3. Ethnic harassment
Answer: a

In that period accounted flow of Ukrainian immigrants to Avstralih and New Zealand?

  1. After World War II
  2. Before World War
  3. Between the two world wars
Answer: a

In which countries are concentrated three largest Ukrainian community?

  1. Poland
  2. Canada
  3. Russia
  4. U.S.
  5. Brazil
Answer: b, c, d

What is the name the country, the center of political life in the Ukrainian city which is Prudentópolis?

  1. Canada
  2. Brazil
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
Answer: b