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QUESTIONS: Ukrainian lands in the Austrian and Russian empires in the early nineteenth century. Subdivisions in the first 50 years of XIX century.

What region of Ukraine at the beginning of the nineteenth century. was the most populated?

  1. Galicia
  2. Right Bank
  3. Left Bank
  4. Sloboda
Answer: a

Center a province in the early nineteenth century. was Zhitomir?

  1. Podolsk
  2. Volyn
  3. Kiev
Answer: b

What was the name of the historical and geographical area that was inhabited by the Black Sea Cossack army?

  1. Zaporozhye
  2. New Russia
  3. Kuban
  4. Taurus
Answer: c

How many provinces existed in the Ukrainian lands within the Russian empire in the mid-nineteenth century.?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 9
Answer: d

What are the Ukrainian lands were part of "the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeriya" within the Austrian Empire at the beginning of the nineteenth century.?

  1. Eastern Galicia
  2. Eastern Galicia, northern Bukovina
  3. Eastern Galicia, northern Bukovina, Transcarpathia
  4. Eastern Galicia, northern Bukovina, Transcarpathia, Volhynia
Answer: b

Which province were established in the former Hetman in 1802?

  1. Chernihiv and Poltava;
  2. Little Russian and Kiev
  3. Sloboda and Little Russian-Ukrainian
  4. Novorossiysk and Little Russian
Answer: a

What was the dominant social status of Ukrainian lands in the middle of the nineteenth century.?

  1. clergy
  2. landlords, industrialists and entrepreneurs
  3. workers
  4. peasantry
Answer: d