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QUESTIONS: Demographic status of Ukrainian lands late nineteenth - early twentieth century.

What is the social strata was numerically dominant in the Ukrainian lands in the late nineteenth century.?

  1. Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
  2. Industrial workers
  3. Farmers
  4. Clergy
Answer: c

Which statement is correct?

  1. Cities in the Ukrainian lands in the Russian Empire was in its national composition mainly non-Ukrainian
  2. For the Jewish population of the Russian Empire was determined line of settlement that included all of Ukraine
  3. In the early twentieth century. Dnieper deployed in a massive railway construction
  4. Massive labor migration from Western Ukraine has started because of the abolition of serfdom in these lands
Answer: a

What city in the Ukrainian lands at the end of the nineteenth century. Was naynaselenishym?

  1. Kyiv
  2. Odessa
  3. Kharkiv
  4. Ekaterinoslav
Answer: b

What nations made up the largest minority in the Ukrainian lands?

  1. Russians and Poles
  2. Russians and Jews
  3. Poles and Jews
  4. Jews and Germans
Answer: a

For which people in the Russian Empire was defined "boundary settlement"?

  1. Russians
  2. Ukrainian
  3. Hebrews
  4. Poles
Answer: c

What is the reasoning correct? In the Russian Empire: 1) all people have equal rights, 2) national composition of population in the Ukrainian lands was motley.

  1. both are valid
  2. only 1 correct option
  3. only 2 are valid
  4. both wrong
Answer: c