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QUESTIONS: The ancient history of the Ukrainian lands

What are the archaeological finds were made in the village. Queen (Transcarpathia)?

  1. Tools, "the man pryamohodyachoyi"
  2. Remains of Neanderthal
  3. The remains of Australopithecus settlement
Answer: a

Near the settlement of which was found buried Neanderthals?

  1. Tripoli
  2. Dobranychivka
  3. Kyyik-Koba
Answer: c

When, under the assumptions of archaeologists, could be the first people in Ukraine?

  1. About 2 million years ago
  2. Around 1.7 million years ago
  3. About 1,5 million years ago
  4. About 1 million years ago
  5. About 500 thousand years ago
Answer: d

When, the first farmers and herders in Ukraine?

  1. About 10 thousand years ago
  2. About 7 thousand years ago
  3. About 5 thousand years ago
  4. About 30 thousand years ago
Answer: b

As scientists have named representatives of the ancient agricultural culture in the Neolithic Ukraine?

  1. Scythians
  2. Cimmerians
  3. Trypillia
Answer: c

As the largest Sarmatian tribes were called?

  1. Yazigi
  2. Roksolany
  3. Aorsy
  4. Skiry
  5. Sirak
  6. Bastarny
Answer: a, b, c, e

What names are Scythian burial mounds, which are found in Ukraine?

  1. Chortomlyk
  2. Mariupol
  3. Mylohrad
  4. Oguz
Answer: a, b, d

In what year BC. BC Persian King Darius I went to conquer the ancient land of Ukraine and whose resistance he did not beat and then?

  1. 521
  2. 514
  3. 510
  4. Sarmatians
  5. Cimmerians
  6. Scythians
Answer: b, f

As called state that existed in the Ukrainian territory in VII - IV centuries. BC. BC?

  1. Persia
  2. Great Scythia
  3. Assyria
  4. Phoenicia
Answer: b

What is the name of ancient and modern capital of the kingdom of Bosporus?

  1. Chersonese
  2. Olbia
  3. Panticapaeum
  4. Sevastopol
  5. Nikolaev
  6. Kerch
Answer: c, f

What nations are in different times inhabited territory of contemporary Ukraine?

  1. Celts
  2. Slavs
  3. Cimmerians
  4. Scythians
  5. Sarmatians
Answer: b, c, d, e

What are the Slavic tribes residing in Ukraine?

  1. Gauthier
  2. Anti
  3. Sklavyny
  4. Huns
Answer: b, c