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⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття

Plan area. Scale 1:10 000 Symbols (compendium)

Conventional signs are used to image objects in terms of geographical area can be divided into 4 separate groups: contour, line, marks and annotations.

Contoured conventional signs convey actual shape and size of the object on a scale plan, they consist of circuit, performed color, or hatching (forest, garden, garden, mud, sand, lake, wide river, reservoir, etc.).

Linear conventional signs on the plan used to image linear objects (roads, trails, streams, power lines and communications, etc.). Length of such objects and their location shown in the scale and breadth - as a rule, is somewhat increased.

Badges conventional signs sometimes also called pozamasshtabnymy because they apply when the form object because of its small size, can not be shown to scale. In such cases, use icons that resemble real objects (windmill, water mill, the source rare conifers and deciduous trees, silos, etc.).

EXPLANATORY conventional signs are used to transfer significant additional information about topography. Foremost is the name of towns, rivers, lakes, streams, islands. There are plans to cut and name the objects (shk. - School of Art. - Station forest. - House forester, etc.). Or just uppercase (P. - sandy bottom, D. - a wooden bridge, K . - well). Go to the explanatory signs are also numbers that describe the different topography (hills height, width and depth of rivers, their flow rate, characteristics of bridges, tall and thick trees in the forest, etc.).