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QUESTIONS: Political, social structure and economic life of Kievan Rus' and Galicia-Volyn state

Who is the greatest of the powers held power in Kievan Rus and the Galicia-Volyn state?

  1. Rogue
  2. Princes
  3. Boyars
Answer: b

At that meeting an old shodylasya whole community to address critical issues of life?

  1. Conventions Princes
  2. Vecha
Answer: b

Which element was the most closed state, access to which only gave birth?

  1. Boyarskaya
  2. Princely
Answer: b

What layers and as the top social group sat pyramids?

  1. The princes, boyars, warriors, clergy
  2. Merchants, artisans, smerds
Answer: a

Which groups were formed with local rodopleminnoyi nobility, as well as with influential men, who by military service received from the estates of the princes of the land?

  1. Boyars
  2. Farmers
Answer: a

As a group known as the largest population of that time?

  1. Princes
  2. Peasants smerds
  3. Boyars
Answer: b

What was crucial in the position smerds?

  1. They were dependent, but free people personally who had their own farm land, lived in villages and princely prince paid tribute
  2. They were dependent people, mostly prisoners who could sell, donate, transfer by inheritance
Answer: a

Who are the outcasts?

  1. All these names of people who for various reasons dropped from his usual environment, lost contact with him
  2. So called peasant who worked "for a bunch of" the farm of Mr.
Answer: a

That involved a patrimonial land ownership?

  1. Consolidation of certain areas within a particular branch of prince or boyar family
  2. Allocation of land for military service of princes and boyars
Answer: a

What are the duties performed by villagers working in the land of the landowner?

  1. Were not only in military campaigns, but also covered some government posts
  2. For some time working on feudal or give part of the food produced in their own house, or pay tax money
Answer: b

What is the hryvnia currency called?

  1. Silver bullions stable weight and shape
  2. Coin depicting Vladimir Svyatoslavich and trident
Answer: a

The population of the cities to which the Mongol invasion counted more than 20 thousand people?

  1. Kyiv, Galich, Chernigov, Vladimir
  2. Toompea, Luck, Przemysl, Novgorod-Seversky
Answer: a