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QUESTIONS: Writing, education, scientific knowledge, literature and music of Kievan Rus and Galicia-Volyn state

When was Ostromyrov gospel?

  1. In 1056 - 1057 рр.
  2. In 1185 - 1187 рр.
Answer: a

What happened before?

  1. Creation of "The Tale Ihorevim"
  2. Conclusion Galicia-Volyn chronicle
Answer: a

Who is Alipio Caves?

  1. One of the first monks Caves, the most famous doctor XI century.
  2. Kyiv iconographer, a monk of Kiev-Pechersk monastery
Answer: b

Who is considered the author and compiler of "Tale of Bygone Years"?

  1. Nestor
  2. Theodosius of Pechersk
Answer: a

What is said in the "Tale of Bygone Years"?

  1. Presents events in the lands of Rus from 860 to 1111
  2. Retold the history of Kiev-Pechersk monastery, a biography of his first associates
Answer: a

Which of the chronicles is a direct continuation of the "Tale of Bygone Years"?

  1. Kyiv Chronicle
  2. Galicia-Volyn
Answer: a

The author whose work is renowned Metropolitan Hilarion?

  1. "Guidelines for Children"
  2. "Word of Law and Grace"
Answer: b

Which language for the Kievan Rus wrote liturgical books?

  1. Church Slavonic
  2. Ukrainian
Answer: a

As name of the first dated manuscript book Rus?

  1. Ostromyrov Gospel
  2. The Tale of Igor's
Answer: a

At the court of which the Prince of Volyn existed knyhopysna big studio?

  1. Vladimir
  2. Roman Mstyslavych
Answer: a

For a prince, the first school to teach kids from the nearby environment of Prince

  1. Under the reign of Vladimir Svyatoslavich
  2. Under the reign of Yaroslav the Wise
Answer: a

What musical instruments playing the music of that time?

  1. Harp tone, horns, whistles, svyrilyah, tambourines
  2. Kobza, Bandura, lirah, tulumbasah
Answer: a