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International Organizations (compendium)

In the modern world the state can not exist in isolation. Between them is a versatile communication and relationships (economic, military, financial, humanitarian, etc.). With the purpose of regulating interstate relations established by international organizations. In the world today they number several thousand. According to the purpose of international organizations are divided into general policy (UN, NAM, European Union, CIS) and special, created for specific tasks:

military (NATO, ANZUS);

economic (ASEAN, WTO, OPEC, NAFTA);

financing (IBRD, IMF);

intellectual and analytical (Club of Rome).

Some international organizations are global, others - regional.

largest and most influential international organization is the United Nations - a global general political organization founded in 1945 with the goal of maintaining and strengthening peace and international security and development cooperation between the countries.

main UN bodies: General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council (EKOSOR), International Court of Justice. Specialized UN agencies on specific issues of UNESCO, FAO, WHO.

Regional organizations are formed by groups of countries in certain regions of the world, united for the solution of various problems within the community of interest.