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Textile (compendium)

Textile Industry - Leading consumer industries. Its plant produces consumer goods and textiles for technical purposes. Traditionally, the fabric made from natural fibers as a vegetable (cotton, flax, hemp, jute) and animal (wool, silk cocoons) origin. In the chemical industry with 70 years of XX century. the share of textiles made of synthetic and artificial fibers.

Production of cotton fabrics - the largest by volume. This industry is dominated by countries who grow cotton, and importing raw materials. The main producers are China, India, USA, Russia. In the second place in terms of - the production of fabrics made of chemical fibers. The leaders here are U.S. and European countries, and recently, much increasing the size of the release of these tissues Newly industrialized Asian economies.

Production of linen prevails in countries where flax is grown and where there is power for its processing (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, France). The main producers of natural and artificial silk fabrics are traditionally Japan, India, China and European countries.

Wool fabric manufacture, China, Italy, Britain, Russia, Japan. Wool as a raw material to supply the world market, Australia, Argentina and other countries with large flocks of sheep, goats and camels. The textile industry is also widely available in developing countries where there is a surplus cheap labor.