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United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg (compendium)

This map shows the countries of Western Europe. Among them: Britain, France and Italy are members of the Group of Eight, the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Switzerland are small industrialized countries of Europe. Small countries of Europe have traditionally distinguished in Western Europe. In addition to these, a group that includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Austria.

countries represented on the map are within the central axis of development for Europe, which testifies to their high economic level.

Leading positions in the economy of the region and the world occupied by France, Britain and Italy, forming, together with Germany (represented by other map) the economic core of Europe. Economies of these countries consider the post-industrial, in which the service sector dominates the sphere of production, the role of intellectual sectors, the planning and monitoring of strategies and tactics of social development.

industry in small countries of Europe is characterized by high specialization, high-quality products, foreign trade orientation. Highly monopolies in these countries have become transnational corporations (TNCs), have leading positions in many areas, it is these are world famous Univeliver and Philips (Netherlands), Nestle (Switzerland), Royal-Ditch-Shell, (United Kingdom - Netherlands) Volvo, Saab , Scania (Sweden), Nokia (Finland).

Agriculture developing countries through intensive, has high productivity, marketability and a wide range of products. In the sectoral structure of agriculture animal husbandry dominates agriculture. Agriculture in these countries, all three types of European agriculture.

Nordic type is dominated by intensive dairy farming, and crop production - forage crops, rye, barley (gray bread). This type is typical for UK agriculture.

Central European style stands dominated by livestock milk and milk-meat production, as well as pigs and poultry. In crop production - wheat, corn, sugar beets, flax.

Southern European type is characterized by the predominance of crop production (cultivation of citrus fruits, olives, grapes, fruit). Mediterranean coast called the garden of Europe (south of France, Italy).

an important role in agricultural development is the EU agricultural policy. It suggests a common approach in pricing, taxation, environmental and health control.

transport network in these countries is characterized by densely roads and quality of coverage. A considerable amount of international and transit traffic brings greater profits. Transportation system is constantly being improved. Very profitable in those countries is international tourism. Most tourists take France, Italy and Switzerland.

With the introduction of the Schengen Agreement of tourists has increased significantly. Since March 1995 according to the Schengen Agreement created a single space for the majority of EU countries, within which a simplified border crossing regime for which a visa obtained for entry into any country party to the Schengen agreement, gives right to move freely across all EU parties to the Agreement.