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QUESTIONS: World Economy

What type of power is the leader in fuel and energy balance of the world?

  1. NPP
  2. TPP
  3. GES
Answer: b

For the chemical industry is characteristic of

  1. extensive production
  2. energy
  3. water-retaining
  4. high cost of equipment
Answer: c

Which country has the largest fleet of vehicles?

  1. Japan
  2. U.S.
  3. China
Answer: b

The largest by cargo volume port in the world - is

  1. London
  2. Rotterdam
  3. Shanghai
  4. New York
Answer: c

Leader in the world in production of mineral fertilizers is

  1. Russia
  2. U.S.
  3. China
  4. India
Answer: c

The basis of agricultural production are

  1. land
  2. ethnic and religious characteristics of the population
  3. historical traditions
Answer: a

What traits are inherent in extensive farming livestock?

  1. Breeding
  2. Stabling of animals
  3. Growth in production mainly due to increase in livestock
  4. Pasture, stabling the animals
Answer: c

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is

  1. OPEC
  2. ATEC
  3. NAFTA
Answer: a

According to the types of works transport is divided into

  1. water, air, road, rail
  2. freight and passenger
  3. pack and cartage
Answer: b

The leading sectors of agriculture are

  1. aquaculture and apiculture
  2. sericulture
  3. crop
  4. animal husbandry
Answer: c, d

Non-ferrous metals smelting of heavy metals in the placement of focus, mainly on

  1. cheap electricity
  2. availability of raw materials
  3. availability of water
Answer: b

What goods dominate the turnover of sea transport?

  1. Building Materials
  2. Ferrous and nonferrous metals
  3. Grain
  4. Petroleum and petroleum products
Answer: d