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QUESTIONS: Political World Map

State formation, delegated to its foreign policy (and sometimes domestic) law sovereign state, called

  1. colonies
  2. protectorate
  3. Trust Territories
  4. vasalitetamy
Answer: b

Union State, which includes self-governing territories, which have a certain political and economic independence, but some issues (defense, foreign policy, finance, etc.) within the scope zahalnoderzhavnh authorities, it

  1. federation
  2. confederation
  3. unitary state
  4. union
Answer: a

Generally accepted criterion for determining the level of economic development is

  1. size of the territory
  2. value of gross domestic product per capita
  3. availability of natural resources
  4. branch structure of economy
Answer: b

"Banana Republic" is a country that

  1. exporting to the world market for one or two products
  2. is the largest supplier of bananas to the world market
  3. are the largest importers of bananas
  4. have the largest banana plantation
Answer: a

Specify a group of countries constituting the Group of Eight

  1. U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, China, India
  2. U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Russia
  3. U.S., Russia, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Brazil, India
  4. U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia
Answer: d

How many states - former Soviet republics are part of the CIS?

  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 15
  4. 11
Answer: d

Name the states - former Soviet republics that are not members of CIS

  1. Russia, Ukraine, Armenia
  2. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,
  3. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia
  4. Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia
Answer: c

For the countries of centrally controlled economy is characterized

  1. developed mechanisms for self management
  2. high level of socialization
  3. objective distribution and control of resources
  4. minimal government interference in the activities of entities
Answer: b

In what year was established the United Nations?

  1. In 1945
  2. In 1991
  3. In 1980
  4. 1914
Answer: a

Select the group of countries constituting the Security Council

  1. U.S., Russia, Britain, France, China
  2. U.S., Russia, Germany, France, China
  3. U.S., Russia, Britain, France, Japan
  4. U.S., Russia, Britain, France, China, Germany, Japan
Answer: a

UNESCO Headquarters is located in

  1. Moscow
  2. Brussels
  3. New York
  4. Paris
Answer: d

An efficient countries are Australia and Oceania (select an exhaustive answer)

  1. Japan and Philippines
  2. Australia & New Zealand
  3. Federated States of Micronesia and New Zealand
  4. Australia and Papua New Guinea
Answer: b