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Ukraine on the map of Europe (compendium)

And maybe because I loved the world,

that Ukraine is in this world ...


- Ukraine a European country not only by geography but also by historical, ethnic, cultural and spiritual roots. She - part of the common European space, which extends from the Iberian Peninsula to the Urals, from Scandinavia to Sicily.

sovereign Ukraine joined the family of European nations after independence in 1991

area of our country 603.7 thousand km 2 , representing 5.7% of Europe. The total length of 6500 km border.

Geographical location of Ukraine is determined by the location of its territory in the south of the East European Plain (between 22 ° and 40 ° east longitude and 45 ° and 52 ° north latitude) in central Europe. The vast territory of plainness, mild temperate climate, fertile soils are conducive to living and business people.

Ukraine borders with Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. All of our neighbors - the state of transition, which are either already members of the European Union or seek close cooperation with this authoritative international organization as the guarantor of stability and prosperity in Europe.

geographical position of Ukraine is very advantageous. Crossing its territory transport routes connecting Asia, Western and Central Europe. These include 10 international railways, highways, pipelines. Ukraine has 19 seaports operate ferry ( Illichivsk - Varna, Illichivsk - Poti ). Because of the Danube by connection with many countries of the continent.

map of Ukraine on the map of Europe can be used in the study of topics the map , and the study of Europe in a regional part of the course.