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Religions (compendium)

Religion is an important part of the spiritual life of mankind, which determines the formation of the mentality and values of individual nations, but also affects the political and socio- economic situation of entire countries and regions.

most common and most influential religions in the world is Christianity , Islam and Buddhism . They are called world religions. In the world there are national religion or ethnic grounds are certain people (Hinduism, Judaism, Shinto, etc.).

most numerous on the number of believers of Christianity is that there are 2 thousand years. Christian faith professes almost a third of the world's population, mostly in Europe, America and Australia. Christianity is divided into three trends: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism . Currently 60% of all Christians of the world are Catholics. The only center of the Catholic Church is the Vatican, where the permanent residence of the Church - the Pope.

Orthodoxy - stream of Christianity that took shape after the separation of church in 1054. In the Orthodox faith is not only an established center, but there are autocephalous national church, headed by patriarchs.

Among the supporters of Protestantism distinguished: Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists, Adventists, Mormons and so on.

second-largest number of believers and the youngest world religion - Islam is also not homogeneous. Followers of Islam ( Muslims ) are divided into Sunnis and Shia . Sunnis, in contrast to the Shiites, along with the Koran - the holy book of Islam - the source of faith believe Sunu - the sacred writings of the prophet Muhammad.

third the number of believers world religion - Buddhism formed of supporters of a narrow path ( hinayany) and a great way of fans ( Mahayana) .

most the number of adherents among religions is Hinduism. He has over 5 thousand years and recognizes polytheism. Among the major Hindu gods - Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Kali.

Judaism originated in Palestine 4 thousand years ago. Jews believe in one God, which he received the revelations in the great prophets. At the time, this belief gave rise to Christianity and Islam.

Chinese national religion is Confucianism and Taoism . The ancient cults of nature and the ancestors of modern Japanese oformylys Shinto .

traditional local beliefs, the so-called primitive religion , profess Aborigines of Australia, some Asian and African tribes, Native American peoples of northern Russia.