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Fuel and geothermal resources (compendium)

main fuel resource is the world's oil, natural gas, bituminous and lignite. The total area of coal basins and deposits reached 15% of terrestrial land. World coal resources are mainly concentrated in the northern hemisphere and form a huge area for swimming (the names of the 10 largest pools of coal and lignite signed on the map).

oil and gas produced in 80 countries. But just in the Middle East is focused more than half the world's proven oil reserves and one third of world gas reserves. Significant oil reserves are also in South America, Southeast Asia, North Africa. Among the largest gas reserves is Russia, oil - Saudi Arabia.

fuel resources, as well as other mineral resources are limited and non-revolving. With the current pace of their stocks run out quickly, so you need to find and use other kinds of alternative energy. Now the world already use wind energy, energy of tides, solar and geothermal energy. The map also provides information on geothermal resources and the Earth, which explored in 50 countries. Especially significant they are in areas with high seismic and volcanic activity in the so-called geothermal zones. Geothermal containing dry steam is used to build geothermal power plants . First HeoTES were built in Italy. Now they are in the USA, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand. In the U.S., California is the world's most powerful HeoTES Geysers. Much wider use of earth's interior heat for heating. Thus, the capital of Iceland Reyk'yaage, from 1930, uses geothermal heat in heating systems.