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AFRICA. The political map. Tribes (compendium)

Africa considered the birthplace of humanity. It is here found traces of ancient man, who, according to scientists, appeared about 2 million years ago.

Despite the proximity of Africa to Europe, Europeans in the late XVI century. did not have sufficient understanding of the mainland. Vazhkodostupnist coast, lack of suitable bays Tubular dangerous rivers, vast deserts and impenetrable swamp forests prevented the infiltration of the continent. The first more or less systematic information about the shape of the African coast were Europeans in 1498 by swimming Portuguese Vasco da Gama, who in search of sea route to India first rounded South Africa.

In Africa, people live three major races. Representatives of a southern branch of european race (Arabs, Berbers, tuarehy) inhabiting the northern mainland.

sub-Saharan nations dominated equatorial race (nehroyidy).

island inhabited Madagascar malahasiytsyamy - representatives of the Mongoloid race.

population is predominantly African professes Islam (North Africa) and Christianity. But in many parts of the continent's common variety of local religion.

population growth rates for Africa is a world leader, while the continent's highest mortality rates. Average life expectancy in most African countries lowest on the planet. The reason for this - very low standard of living.

continent placed unevenly. The most populous coastal oceans and the Mediterranean Sea and river valleys. Here are the major cities (Cairo, Kinshasa, Alexandria, Casablanca, Rabat, Luanda, Maputo) , developed industry and trade. The largest population is Nigeria. Sudan - a country most of the area. For an African low level of urbanization: 80% of the continent - the farmers.

With over 50 African countries the vast majority of the colonies were a long time. Only relatively recently (after the Second World War), they are on the path of independent development.

colonial past, the overall low level of management, lack of established effective working of state institutions are often the cause of interstate, ethnic, religious conflicts suffered by thousands, of Africans.

real disaster for many countries of the continent has AIDS. Some of them were living with HIV is around 30% of the population. African countries often include crop failures, which cause hunger and suffering of millions. This requires the intervention of the international community and help other countries.