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AUSTRALIA. Political map. Peoples (compendium)

Australia - the smallest continent of the planet. Remoteness and isolation caused the singularity of nature and the mainland have become the prime cause of what he was open to the world later than everyone else. Only in the middle of XVII century. Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, having rounded unknown land on the south, showed that Australia - a separate continent, not part of Antarctica.

decisive role in researching Australia played Europeans: Dutch , British expedition made significant efforts to do so. The development of Australia began in the XVIII century. English, however long a new colony was used as a place of penal servitude and exile. Only in the first half of XIX century. here spryamuvavsya large flow of migrants, asylum gold and new lands, which has accelerated the development of large expanse of the continent.

That Europeans have totally changed the continent. Arriving here at one time the European colonists of them generic to the enterprise, courage, ingenuity, coupled with advanced management skills has dramatically changed the destiny of the continent. Yes Australia has become a migration of capitalism.

Australia - the only continent where the posted one country Australia.

modern Australian population - over 19 million people - consists of several groups. About 80% - are descendants of immigrants from England and Ireland. The rest - came from other regions and indigenous people - Aborigines , which is about 1% of the population. Indigenous Australians are to avstraloyidnoyi race. In Australia, quite numerous (up to 30 thousand people), the Ukrainian diaspora.

Today Australia - a country with developed economy and high living standards. Minerals and agricultural products constitute 70% of exports. There mined coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore (3 place in the world), bauxite (1 place in the world), zinc (2 place in the world), lead ore (1 in the world), nickel and manganese , gold, silver, diamonds.

most advanced electric machine, food processing, chemicals, printing industries. Agriculture is also a modern and highly developed part of the economy. Growing crops, cotton, horticulture, viticulture, livestock breeding - agriculture, the most developed here. Australia is the world leader in sheep and wool production and exports. The strength is the country's position in world production and export of wheat, meat, sugar, fruits.

Industry is concentrated mainly in urban south-east coast - the most populated part of the continent. In big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle) are also major ports.

For Australia as a country with advanced industry, characterized by high (90%) level of urbanization.

Australia - the country with the largest share of reserves and protected areas.